ITDR is a start-up closely connected to SGOAthe leading independent institute in the field of the settlement and prevention of ICT conflicts.

How did it all start?

In 1989, SGOA was created with the aim of providing short-term, independent, expert services in the field of dispute resolution.

Since then, SGOA has grown into a professional, expert dispute settlement organization that has earned wide recognition and trust among international ICT vendors and customers. The past decades have shown that the growing demand for arbitral resolution or settlement of ICT disputes justify to approach an extension of SGOA's market.

As a prime center for ADR, Switzerland is just the right market to be served – by ITDR.

To support SGOA’s international activities, the additional trade name of SGOA Switzerland was changed to “ITDR – experts in IT and data conflict management”. From then on, SGOA Switzerland only used the new name ITDR; SGOA Netherlands would be using ITDR as second trade name.