Conflict Prevention

Conflicts or situations that are threatening to turn into conflicts and are not being managed can get out of hand, sometimes deteriorating to such an extent that they endanger a project’s success. So prevention is better than cure.

ITDR has developed a new instrument for this: ICT conflict prevention.

The aim of ICT conflict prevention is to identify and tackle irritation, friction and impending conflicts at an early stage in the project and thus avert possible escalation. The approach gives priority to defusing the situation and preventing it turning into a legal battle. The ICT conflict moderator deployed by ITDR, working on the basis of ‘customized’ agreements made with the parties involved, will endeavour to create a climate for the execution of an ICT project in which there is no room for irritation, disputes and similar problems. Attention is given not just to commercial and technical interests but also to the personal positions of the project managers and staff involved.

This includes personal characteristics such as empathy, the ability to listen, good communication skills and the ability to deal with conflicting interests, stress and the threat of the project falling apart. The ICT conflict moderators deployed by ITDR are particularly strong in these areas thanks to their professionalism and specific expertise.