IT Conflict Management

ITDR is the leading, independent non-profit center for IT Conflict Managment and is specialized in conflict prevention, mediation and arbitration in the field of IT.

About us

ITDR is the Institution for IT and Data Dispute Resolution, based in Zurich [UID 229.270.797]. ITDR provides services for national or international IT and Data Privacy conflict resolution with ties to the Swiss jurisdiction.


At ITDR, Swiss IT specialists offer expertise, mediation and arbitration exclusively for IT disputes. On top of that, ITDR provides technical IT experts for technical expertise and IT conflict prevention. ITDR is eager to keep costs calculable.

ITDR is the Swiss organization of the network of organizations that provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) services in the ICT and data sector Europe-wide. The network of organizations originates at SGOA.

ITDR expands SGOA’s market in Switzerland. For that purpose, it cooperates closely with the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution (“SCAI”).

Board Members


With its specialized arbitrations, mediations, expert reports and assistance in the prevention of ICT conflicts, ITDR is meeting a need in the business world for the resolution and settlement of disputes involving or related to ICT.


Each of its services can be used individually to resolve a dispute. However, in complex situations, they can also be combined ‘like Lego bricks’ to create a tailored approach for tackling a particular dispute.

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Stockerstrasse 38CH-8002, Zurich
Telephone: +41 44 268 69 36