Expert Report

An expert report is a report by an independent expert (usually an ICT specialist) that gives answers to questions posed by the judge(s), arbitrators or directly by the parties involved. In the latter case, this is usually because the parties involved want a joint picture of how an external expert views their conflict before taking legal action.

There is a distinction between an expert engaged by a party and an independent expert appointed jointly by both parties (or the court or the arbitrators). As ITDR aims to operate exclusively from a neutral and independent position, such reports will always constitute an independent opinion on the case being submitted. Given its status, ITDR will never serve as an expert for one specific party; it will only provide expert reports on the orders of all parties involved, doing so in accordance with the ITDR Rules of Procedure for expert reports.

At the request of the courts, arbitrators or parties involved, ITDR will act as an intermediary in finding an expert. In expert reports for the courts, the expert will focus on those questions that the court has formulated for the specific case.